A special service...


A specialized service for families in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas and at other Arizona locations. This approach is for those needing help with serious substance abuse issues or other disruptive behavioral issues. When family and friends are willing to unite it is possible to create a break in old habits. Intervention Services


Sorry! Our office is not currently accepting new counseling clients due to increased demands for intervention services.

Counseling Services

We offer a number of advanced and targeted approaches to counseling needs. We focus on finding doable solutions to assist through life situations.

Counseling for Individuals and Families
Individual, couples and group therapy approaches. Our approach to therapy is short-term, affordable, and effective. We also assist with the difficult problems of teen issues and grief.

Substance Abuse Counseling & Education
Designed for Schools and parent-teacher groups, interactive educational experiences show students and parents the risks and techniques to deal with the substance abuse threat against young people.

Grief Counseling
Offered for those who have suffered a loss of a loved one or friend, and to those who must face an impending loss due to age or illness.

Executive Coaching
Assistance for leader development and career transition needs. Our counselor is an experienced executive (MBA) and therapist.


We are pleased to sponsor DrugTestYourKid.com. Please visit there if you are looking for drug and alcohol testing kits to protect your family.